ALO Trans is a major freight forwarding company with extensive experience in the transportation industry, particularly in rail freight on the North-South and vice versa lines.

ALO Trans’ skilled personnel delivers rail freight services with professionalism, safety, and contemporary facilities.

1. Benefits of opting for ALO’s rail freight services:
– Lower freight charges than competitors;
– On-time and on-schedule delivery;
– Always maintain safety and minimize risks to goods;
– Professional staffs are always accessible to assist and
respond to consumer queries.

2. Types of ALO Trans’ rail freight:
– Transporting goods from Saigon station -> Hanoi
station, warehouse -> warehouse, station ->
warehouse, warehouse -> station;
– Transporting retail goods, full wagons, and full
containers through specialized trains on the North-South
line and vice versa.

3. Working process:
– Receive information from customers;
– Estimate the number of items to be delivered;
– Provide a quote for transportationt, then sign a transportation contract;
– Track delivery, loading, and unloading progress from the warehouse to the train (if required);
– Deliver goods to customers and collect money from them.

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