Having legal staffs with extensive experience in customs declaration, ALO Trans is always cherished by businesses in assisting in handling all kinds of import and export customs to ensure partner’s operation.

1. Our services include:
– Procedure consulting, inspection, tax refund, etc.
– Make a customs declaration and complete customs declaration procedures;
– Complete the procedures at the port and deliver/receive goods;
– Solve arising problems (if any);
– Load/unload at the port.

2. Working process:
– Send request;
– Process information;
– Consistent plan & process;
– Contract for confirming.

3. Why choose ALO Trans’ customs brokerage services?
– Experienced legal staffs in handling customs documents;
– A wide range of relationships and collaborations with customs parties and other associated units;
– Free consultation;
– The most economical cost.


Please contact us for the best assistance on the proper customs declaration services, as well as the process and completion time!