The seaport system in Vietnam up to now has made strong development steps. With key goals in the import and export industry. To promote sustainable economic development and integration with the world, these seaports are one of the effective weapons that people in the “industry” should not ignore. Let’s explore these seaports with Alotrans!!

Hai Phong Seaport


Location: including 5 branches and head office at 8A Tran Phu, May To, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong.

Hai Phong Port is a seaport with the largest traffic volume in the North of Vietnam. Modern equipment system; Adequate infrastructure; Safe and suitable for international transport and trade modes.

The wharf here is 2,567 meters long, has a warehouse area of ​​52,052 m2, and can handle about 10 million tons of goods annually.

However, because the port has a large alluvial channel, it can only receive ships of 6,000 – 7,000 DWT. According to the plan of the Ministry of Transport, Hai Phong port will be upgraded; complete equipment and build two berths at Dinh Vu so that ships of 20,000 DWT can easily navigate; bringing the customs clearance capacity up to 25-30 million tons/year.


Vung Tau Seaport

Location: in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. It is a large seaport in the Southeast of Vietnam. This is a national-level general seaport cluster – the international hub of Vietnam.

Currently, Vung Tau Port includes 4 wharf areas:

Cai Mep wharf area, Sao Mai, Ben Dinh
Phu My Wharf, My Xuan
Dinh river wharf area
Dam wharf area, Con Dao
According to the plan from now to 2020, will build two more Long Son wharf areas – specializing in serving the petrochemical industry and Sao Mai passenger wharf; Ben Dinh – specializes in passenger transport.


Saigon Seaport

Location: located in the seaport system of Vietnam’s maritime industry, it is a port with the nation’s leading output and handling capacity. This place plays the role of a gateway in import and export activities of the South of our country. Including the Southeast and the Mekong Delta.

The port includes general port areas and container ports, including:

Hiep Phuoc Port on Soai Rap River.

Cat Lai Port on Dong Nai River.

Saigon Port has a plan to build more Can Giuoc and Go Cong wharf areas on Soai Rap river, in Long An and Tien Giang provinces. The target is the satellite berth for the main berths inside the port.


Quy Nhon seaport

Location: located in the center of Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province. As a national general port, the regional focal point of the group of South Central Seaports. The port is located in the Quy Nhon Bay area, surrounded by Phuong peninsula

The shell is sheltered and airtight, so it is very convenient for ships to anchor and load and unload cargo all year round. This place can receive ships of up to 30,000 DWT in normal traffic and ships of 50,000 DWT (reduced load).

With the position of the exit to the East Sea of ​​the South Central region; Central Highlands and countries in the Mekong River region. Quy Nhon port is located close to international maritime routes, so it is very convenient for foreign ships to circulate. Quy Nhon port is known by many domestic and foreign shipowners and shippers for its high productivity and quality; meet the demand for fast ship release, infrastructure and equipment eligible for receiving; Loading and unloading super-sized and super-heavy goods.


Da Nang Seaport

Location: located in Da Nang Bay. Owning a convenient transportation system plays an important role in the logistics service chain of the central region of our country.

Up to now, Da Nang Port has been proving its important position in economic development in the region; as well as affirming its stature as the largest seaport in Central Vietnam with a history of 115 years of construction and development.

Da Nang Port is not only the main gateway to the East Sea, but also chosen as the final destination in the East-West Economic Corridor route; connecting 4 countries in the region: Myanmar; Thailand; Laos and Vietnam.


Above are the Top 5 largest seaports in Vietnam in 2022 that Alotrans would like to send and introduce to you. Alotrans hopes that the above information will be really useful for you in work and study.

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