Alotrans’s freight service from China to Vietnam is considered to be very reputable. Specializes in providing freight services by rail, sea, road and air with competitive shipping costs. We are committed to ensuring absolute safety for goods and peace of mind for customers. Since our establishment and development up to now, we have had prestigious partners such as: TS.LINE, YML, YANGMING, MSC, etc.

Partner to transport goods from China to Vietnam

1. Why should you choose to ship goods from China to Vietnam by sea?
Currently, there are two main ways to transport goods to the Chinese market:

Official rank.
And shipping goods by sea at Alotrans is one of the official forms of transportation that you should not ignore.

Advantages of freight by sea
About convenience
Can withstand extremely large loads, even hundreds, thousands of times more than shipping by air.
Favorable price.
There is no limit on the volume and size of the item.
About safety
The risk of collisions and accidents during transportation is relatively low, keeping goods safe, with less loss and damage.
2. Estimated time to transport goods from China to Vietnam.
Depending on each route and each shipping line, the customer’s goods will be transported in different time periods.

Time to transport goods from China to Vietnam

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3. Alotrans provides freight services from China to Vietnam.
Currently, Alotrans is one of the leading and reputable units in the field of international freight transport by sea. Specializes in transporting goods from the sender’s warehouse to the recipient’s hand from all kinds of goods from retail to full containers. Specifically, we provide the following freight services from China to Vietnam:

Transporting exports from China’s door and seaport to Vietnam.
Service of transporting retail goods (cont’d) from China to Vietnam.
Customs declaration service in China and Vietnam.
Domestic shipping service for imported goods in Vietnam.
Domestic shipping service for goods in China.
Quarantine service, quality inspection, conformity of goods.
Service of applying for an import license, announcing cosmetics and food products.
With many years of experience in this field, we are the “golden face” that you should trust and choose us as a reliable place to send your goods. Our services are always competitively priced, safe and fast. With a team of experienced staff, enthusiastically advise and support all your requirements. In addition, the shipping process is strictly followed from order receipt to delivery. We are committed to perform exactly as in the signed contract, if there is any damage during transportation, we will be compensated 100%.

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